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FLEXPRO UNMC Badminton Championship 2013

2013-03-15 - 2013-03-17
10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
  • Men's Doubles - RM60.00
  • Men's singles - RM30.00
  • Mixed Doubles - RM60.00
  • Women's Doubles - RM60.00
  • Women's singles - RM30.00
University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Men's singles
    Champion: RM 400 + racket (worth RM900++) + medal

    Runner-up: RM 200 + racket (worth RM400++) + medal
    Semi-finalists: Racket bag + medal

    Men's doubles
    Champion: RM 700 + racket (worth RM900++) + medals
    Runner-up: RM 350 + racket (worth RM400++) + medals
    Semi-finalists: Racket bag + medals 

    Women's singles
    Champion: RM 250 + racket (worth RM900++) + medal  
    Runner-up: RM 125 + racket (worth RM340++) + medal  
    Semi-finalists: Racket bag + medal

    Mixed doubles
    Champion: RM 600 + racket (worth RM900++) + medals
    Runner-up: RM 300 + racket (worth RM400++) + medals
    Semi-finalists: Racket bag + medals  

1.0 Eligibility
1.1 The Championship is open to everyone.
1.2 Current national (BAM) and current state players are NOT allowed to participate.
1.3 Each player can take part in maximum TWO events.

2.0 Format
2.1 Knock-out system.
2.2 21 points, best of 3 games.
2.3 Men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles and mixed doubles.
2.4 Minimum 16 entries for women's singles; minimum 32 entries for men's singles, men's doubles and mixed doubles.
2.5 Maximum 64 entries men's singles and men's doubles, 48 for mixed doubles and 32 for women's singles and women's doubles.
2.6 The organiser reserves the right to cancel the particular event if in the case that any categories not meeting the minimum entries set.
2.7 The organiser reserves the right to add the number of maximum entries for all categories when necessary.

3.0 Draw
3.1 The draw will be made by the organizing committees on

                Date: 8th  March 2013
                Time: 2pm
                Venue: Sport Complex (Multipurpose Hall), UNMC.          

3.2 The draw will be released on MBT website (http://www.mbt.com.my) 3-4 days after the drawing date.

4.0 Accommodation
4.1 Players have to find their own accommodations if necessary. The organizer is not responsible for players' accommodations.
4.2 Recommended  hotels:
1)   Smart Hotel@Semenyih (8 minutes drive to UNMC)
      +603 6142 6277  http://www.smarthotel.com.my
2)   Uptown Imperial Kajang (15 - 20 minutes drive to UNMC)
      +603 8724 0887 http://uptownhotel.com.my/  

5.0 Payments
5.1 Registration fees: RM 30 for singles, RM 60 for doubles.
5.2 Registration fees shall be paid within 24 hours after the registration form submission. It is advisable to keep the transaction receipt for further reference when necessary.


                   Account No.:


5.3 Email your payment/ print screen slip to szeyin@mbt.com.my and your email should contain:

Category name

b)   Player's name(s)

Once you have sent your email, we will reply you on your confirmation of registration.

1.5 For any enquiries regarding the payment, please contact: Lee Sze Yin  +6016 981 3685
1.6 In case that you can't reach the number, please contact: Low Yen Wei +6012-511 5691 

6.0 Contacts

Low Yen Wei
/ +6012 511 5691 
6.3 Lee Yi Liang / +6016 651 4408

Closing date of entry: 7.00pm, Wednesday, 6th March 2013.
1.0 Rules and regulations
1.1 As the current BWF law of badminton.
1.2 The Referee shall be in overall charge of the tournament or event of which a match forms part.
1.3 The umpire, where appointed, shall be in charge of the match, the court and its immediate surroundings. The umpire shall report to the Referee.
1.4 An official's decision shall be final on all points of fact for which that official is responsible except that if, in the opinion of the umpire, it is beyond reasonable doubt that a line judge has clearly made a wrong call, the umpire shall overrule the decision of the line judge.
1.5 All players have to report to the official desk on the first day of the tournament at least 30 minutes before the scheduled first game. IDs are compulsory for identification.
1.6 It shall be the responsibility of each player/ team to be in position on court at the scheduled time. If the player is not present 5 minutes after the official scheduled time a walkover will be given to the opponent.
In the event of any injury or open wound/ bleeding, the match shall be halted while the injury is tended to. A player will have 5 minutes time allocated for treatment. A wound should be suitably protected before the player resumes the play.

1.8 All protests and appeals are to be made in written form and to be submitted to the tournament referee not more than 20 minutes after the announcement of the official results with a charge of RM200. The fees are non-refundable unless the protests are valid.